3 Knitting Projects to Give As Gifts

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3 Knitting Projects to Give As Gifts

One of the best parts of being able to knit is knitting projects and gifts for friends, family, and charity. There’s just something special about a beautifully handcrafted gift. Without saying a word, the recipients know how special they are to you when they receive your one-of-a-kind gift.

Of course, the problem is how do you find the time to make all these gifts? You want to give special gifts to everyone, but you just don’t have the time. The answer? Try these 3 gift ideas that are quick and easy but are still special to those you love.

3 Great Gift Ideas

* Purses — What woman or girl wouldn’t like a purse? You can make a purse easily without a pattern by knitting until you have the width you want the purse to be. Continue until you have the length you want. Fold up 1/3 of the length. This is the body of the purse. Using matching yarn and a tapestry needle, sew the sides together. The other 1/3 is the flap of the purse. Use the stockinette stitch to make a strap or use the purse as a clutch.

* Placemats – Most anyone can use a set of pretty placemats for their home. Simply decide on the size of the placemat by measuring one you already have. Knit your first row until it measures the width of your placemat. Purl the next row. Keep alternating until you reach the desired length for the new placemat.

* Scarves – This is a gift everyone likes to get – from men and women to boys and girls and the great thing about scarves is they’re super fast to make! There are plenty of free knitting patterns for scarves, but this gift idea is so easy, you don’t even need one. Like making the placemat, start out knitting the width you would like your scarf to be. Purl the next row and continue until you have the length that you want for a scarf.

By putting these 3 gift ideas to work for you, you’ll be able to whip out an unbelievable number of knitting projects for everyone that is special to you. Your friends and family will be amazed and wonder how you do it!

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