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Crocheting a Scarf

Crocheting is very versatile and an easy craft to master. Projects can vary from beginner to expert. Crocheted projects are done by combining a variety of the basic crochet stitches into a pattern. Projects can be as small as a crocheted flower to as large as an afghan. Baby afghans are especially nice to give to a soon to be mother.

Basic stitches include: chain stitch, which is the basis for all projects, turning stitch, slip stitch, single stitch, half-double stitch, double stitch, treble stitch, double treble and triple treble. In order to start crocheting you will require yarn.

Materials needed: For beginners a worsted weight or bulky yarn is recommended. But a sports or baby yarn may be used. Crochet hook; these vary in size depending on how tight or dense you want your work to be. For instance, for loftier looser work, use a larger hook. Scissors and a large eye needle are your other requirements.

A good beginning project is a single crochet scarf. These can be done with either a single colored yarn in either a worsted weight or bulky yarn or a variegated or multi-colored yarn in worsted or bulky weight. Multi-colored yarns will make their own color pattern as you crochet.

The single crochet scarf will require about 5 ounces of yarn. You may want to use a small amount of a contrasting color for the fringe. A crochet hook size ‘I’ is a good beginning size. Generally you would want to make a swatch with the crochet pattern recommendations to make sure your work matches the gauge given for the project to ensure it turns out the right size. While gauging, you would use the yarn and hook recommended then crochet a swatch, the size of which is also recommended in the pattern. If your swatch is smaller than the pattern states you will want to increase your hook size. If your swatch is larger you will need to decrease your hook size.

A single stitch crochet scarf does not require a specific gauge so you can use any size. A size H, I or J would work best. In order to begin you will make a slip stitch and chain 17 stitches. You will begin to single crochet in the second chain stitch from your hook. You do not count the chain stitch on your hook. You will single crochet across the chain. This should give you 16 stitches. You will then chain one, turn the piece so you are always crocheting right to left. You will continue with single crochet stitch across the piece, chain one, turn and continue until you get the scarf to your preferred length. To end the scarf you will cut the yarn end to about 4 inches then pull the yarn completely through the final loop making a knot. Then using your crochet hook, weave the yarn end into the stitches.

To add a fringe, you will cut your yarn into lengths of 4 to 6 inches depending on how long you want your fringe. You can add single strands or double strands. In order to add a fringe, you will fold the length in half and pull the loop through the stitches at the end of your scarf, then pull the ends through the loop and pull tight. You can vary this by putting a fringe in each stitch or every second or third.

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