How To Add A Simple Crochet Edge To Your Knitting

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How To Add A Simple Crochet Edge To Your Knitting

I originally taught myself to crochet because so many of my favorite knitting patterns included crocheted edges. Since then I’ve discovered that crochet can be a lovely addition to your knitting, providing anything from girly, fancy lace to simple, neat edges. In this article, I’ll show you just how easy it is to add a simple crocheted edge to your knitting.

This edging is by far the simplest to do and is a great one to add neatness to your knitting. It creates a tight, flat edging – especially useful if you want a crisp, clean look.

Adding a crocheted edge to knitting


Start by holding your crochet hook is your right hand (use the same size hook as you have knitting needle: So if you were using a 4mm knitting needle, use a 4mm crochet hook.) Make a loop and wrap it round your hook. Then put the hook through one of the loops on the bottom edge of your knitting.

Wrap the yarn around the hook from right to left.

Pull the bottom loop up over the new loop (created by wrapping the yarn over from right to left as you’ve just done) and over the top of the hook.

Wrap your yarn around from right to left again, and repeat the above step, leaving 1 loop on the hook.

Carry on doing this double crochet stitch into every stitch along the outside edge of your knitting. When you reach the end of the section you want to edge, simply cut your yarn and remove the loop from your hook. Then thread the yarn through the loop and pull tight. This will stop the yarn from unravelling.

This is probably the simplest and easiest crochet stitch to get to grips with and produces a nice neat edge.

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